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2023 Iowa FFA State Proficiency Award

Awards honor members who, through their Work Based Learning programs have set goals and learned practical skills. They then complete a several-page-long application and are judged against students with similar projects from across the state. Those students include:

-Jessica Kroeger, 1st & Gold

-Cale Claussen, 3rd & Gold

-Nolan Engelbrecht, Silver


2023 Northeast Sub-districts

2023 Northeast Sub-districts was held at Bellevue Schools. Our students were able to show off all their hard work these last few months!

-FFA Creed Speaking: Jordan Jones - 1st & Gold

-Parliamentary Procedure: August Bauer, Nolan Engelbrecht, Carter Harns, Jackson McCallister, Cole Wessel - 2nd & Gold

-Prepared Public Speaking: Owen Powell - 2nd & Gold

-Job Interview: Wilson Diep - 4th & Gold

-Conduct of Meetings: Cody Powell, Addison Harms, Kagen Hilsenbeck, Owen Klinkenberg, Cole Engelbrecht, Sawyer Gravert, & Izzy Carlson - 4th & Silver

-Welding Team & Individual: Evin Harris & Will Musal - Bronze

Chapter Program (All Junior High FFA): Kelsie Hilsenbeck, Wyatt Cato, & Andrean Roberts - Bronze


2023 Iowa FFA State Degrees

2023 State Degree Recipients were acknowledged for their time spent in FFA throughout the years. This year's students include:

-Cale Claussen

-Wilson Diep

-Emma Gravert


2022 Ag Science Fair

NATIONAL CHAMPION! Ryan Squires (9th grade) won North Scott Agriculture Program's first national championship. Squires earned this honor in the National FFA Agriscience Fair in the area of Environmental Services as an individual project (Division I)! His research project focused on the effects of rock types on carbon mineralization.


2021 Southeast District Convention

2021 southeast districts was a great way to showcase some of our FFA member's skills.

Results included:

Creed Speaking - Gold, advanced to state

Chapter Website - Gold, advanced to state

Chapter test - Gold, 1st

Conduct of Meetings Team - Silver


2021 Starfinalist

 There are six finalists in the state of Iowa for the area of agriscience research and Hailey Rossmiller was named one of the six. This top honor is reserved for those students who go above and beyond not only in their agriscience research but also in their FFA participation.


2021 Iowa FFA State Degrees

2021 State Degree Recipients were acknowledge for their time spent in FFA throughout the years. Those students include:

-Evelyn Bauer

-Dylan Engelbrecht 

-Hailey Rossmiller

-Bram Mess


2021 Sub-districts

2021 sub-districts had a good outcome. We had our conducts of meeting team and creed speaker move onto districts. Chapter program and ag broadcasting both became alternates to districts. 


2021 Organic Award

For the first time in the North Scott Chapter, a student has received the Iowa FFA Organic Award. Evely Bauer spends her summer in the garden growing and producing organic products.  

watering.rabbits - Caelan

2021 Proficiency Awards

In 2021 the following students were recognized for their SAEs. They received their proficiency award.

-Adeline Finnicum

-Bram Mess

-Brianna Blake

-Caelan Engelbrecht

-Chloe Engelbrecht

-Cole Claussen 

-Dylan Engelbrecht

-Evelyn Bauer

-Grace Bjustrum

-Hailey Rossmiller

-Jessica Kroeger

-Raven McCabe

-Taylor Mayhue


2020 National Proficiency Award

In 2020 Dalton Hanenburg received national recognition for his hard work in his SAE. His SAE was diversified agriculture.

Science fair (nationals).jpg

2020 Nationals for Ag Science Fair 

Bram Mess and Hailey Rossmiller had advanced to nationals for their science fair project in food products and processing systems. They had placed top 10.

AG Comm.jpg

2020 Ag Communications

This year we had many helpers with the competition. The team consisted of Taylor Mayhue, Maddie Costello, Hailey Rossmiller, and Corbin Suiter. They presented about buffalo meat and trying to promote the use of it. They were state champions along with receiving gold in team written project proposal, team prestation, team practicums, Hailey received gold in journalistic writing, and Taylor also got gold in opinion writing. Maddie received silver in website design and Corbin received bronze in video design. 

Meat Judging.jpg

2020 Meat Evaluation 

The meat evaluation team included Evelyn Bauer, Caelan Long, Jessica Kroeger, and Taylor Mayhue. They placed 8th and received gold at the state event, which was held virtually. 

Horse Judging .jpg

2020 Horse Judging 

Evelyn Bauer, Jessica Kroeger, and Taylor Mayhue all participated in the horse judging contest. They placed 7th at state, 3rd in performance, and 5th in halter classes

World Food Prize .jpg

2020 World Food Prize

Hailey Rossmiller wrote an essay review about Madagascar and a zoonotic disease, called Rift Valley Fever. She earned a $2,000 scholarship. 


2020 Science Fair

There were three groups of two who participated. Two jr. high students, Lainey Wall and Brenna Teerlinck received a gold rating and state reserve for their project in food products and processing systems. Jessica Kroeger and Taylor Mayhue received a gold rating and state reserve for their project in natural resources. Hailey Rossmiller and Bram Mess won the Iowa FFA agriscience fair with their project in food products and processing systems. 


2020 Proficiency Awards 

In 2020 the following students were recognized for their SAEs. They received their proficiency award.

-Ceandra Staub

-Chloe Engelbrecht

-Coryn Wilson

-Dalton Hanenburg

-Grace Bjustrum

-Hailey Rossmiller

-Katie Seeman

-Leslie Bell

State Degree.jpg

2020 State Degree Recipients 

In 2020 the following students were state recognized for their hard work. They all received their state degrees.

-Abbi Lafrenz

-Ceandra Staub

-Cole Claussen

-Coryn Wilson

-Grace Bjustrom

-Raven McCabe 

SE Districts.jpg

2020 Southeast District Convention

2020 districts were different this time. The world had experienced a pandemic forcing us to compete virtually. Through all the efforts we sit proud of our results. The ag issues team received gold and advanced to state. The experience the action team received gold and alternates to state. Chapter program received gold and was also alternate to state. Chapter website received gold and alternate to state. Ag CSI got silver and alternate to state. Public speaking and job interview both received gold. Lastly, ag impact received silver. 

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