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Chapter Activities

Growing Leaders

Test Plot Night

Alumni, administrators, and students all enjoyed dinner and learning about our test plot

Strengthening Ag

Safety Day

A demonstration of how to be safe around farm equipment and other item found on farms

Building Communities

Fish Habitats

FFA members helped with building fish habitats for a local lake 

Building Communities

Leaf Clean-up

FFA members travel around the community and rake leaves for elders

Stregthening Ag

Charter Day

Students celebrate the chapter's anniversary through in class activities

Stregthening Ag

Lunch on the Farm

An event hosted by Cinnamon Ridge Farms run by FFA members teaching the public about where their food comes from

Building Communities

Political Education

Members hosted a county board of supervisors forum and had a straw poll for agriculture students

Building Communities

Farm Days in the VoED

A chance for FFA members to teach Davenport residents about why Ag is important

Growing Leaders

Parent Orientation

Parents have the opportunity to learn about the activities their child will do during Ag class

Growing Leaders

Greenhand Week

A week for all first year FFA members to learn what it means to be a greenhand

Building Communities

Hometown Holiday

A community event that North Scott FFA members help make sure it runs smoothly

Growing Leaders


To celebrate national ag week a few students drove their tractors to school 

Growing Leaders

Sweet Corn Sale

Students pick sweetcorn from a local farm and sell it the community

Stregthening Ag

Dairy Day Camp

Members volunteered to teach community members about dairy production

Building Communities

Monthly Meetings

The whole chapter will come together and discuss upcoming events and items of business

Growing leaders

Yoga on the Farm

Activity where FFA members are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle  

Building Communities

Culver's Night

A community night where FFA members welcome supporters to the local Culver's

Building Communities

Fruit Sales

A chapter fundraiser during which members sell fresh fruit to the community

Stregthening Ag

Chapter Banquet

A night of handing out awards and celebrating the past year's accomplishments

Stregthening Ag


While harvesting our test plots students had the opportunity to learn about the process



Stregthening Ag

Fleece Navidad

This holiday themed-event teaches students about different fabrics and materials and their properties

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