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Ag Education

For Dylan's Agriculture History Project SAE, he completed months of research toward his respective history topic. Throughout months of research, he completed research at Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Archives and Iowa State University Library and Special Collections. In addition, Dylan visited original sites for his project over Roswell Garst. With all of his research, Dylan created an exhibit board which was set-up in the school library.

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Specialty Animals

Jessica Kroeger started her SAE of bee keeping when she received a scholarship from the Iowa Honey Producers Association. She is responsible for requeening, splitting hives, catching swarms, and ordering packages. Through all her efforts she was able to construct 5 hives and increase the amount of pollinators in the area while educating others on everything honey and bee related. 

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Ag Education Placement

Taylor Mayhues SAE is Ag Education Placement. She performs tasks an agriculture teacher would perform as well as shadow our FFA advisor. She also goes on SAE visits with him, makes sign-up sheets, study guides, and quizlets. Taylor gives some of her time to help tutor students too.  

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Carley Schoenthaler's SAE is the fire explorers. She practices public safety and works with her local fire department.

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Veterinary Science Placement

Adeline Finnicume's SAE is Vet Science Placement. Adeline works at the Scott County Animal Hospital in Eldridge, IA. 


Equine Placement

Hailey Rosmiller's SAE is  equine placement where she interacts and takes care of horses. 


Production Placement

Bram Mess works on a family farm as his SAE. In the spring and summer months he can be found harvesting vegetables and selling them at a local farmers market. In the fall months he helps in the field harvesting crops. 

SAE Examples

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