Dairy Placement

Collin Costello's SAE is Dairy Production Placement. At his family dairy farm Collin helps run the barn and take care of the dairy cows. 

Diversified Horticulture Placement

Dalton Hanenburg's SAE is Diversifued Horticulture. Dalton works at Wallace's Garden Center in Davenport, IA.

Ag Education Placement

Ceandra Staub's SAE is Ag Education Placement. Ceandra is a teacher helper for Mr. Hunter at the High School and helps in the Intro to Ag classes. 

Poultry Entrepreneurship / Placement 

Chloe Engelbrecht's SAE is Poultry Entrepreneurship / Placement. Chloe helps raise 300 hens on her family farm. She does chores every day and shows in the summer at county and state fair.

Veterinary Science Placement

Katie Seeman's SAE is Vet Science Placement. Katie works at the Scott County Animal Hospital in Eldridge, IA. 

Sheep Entrepreneurship

Abbi Lafrenz's SAE is Sheep Entrepreneurship. Abbi raises sheep on her farm and then shows them at the Mississippi Valley Fair.

Fruit Production Placement

Grace Bjustrom's SAE is Fruit Production Placement. Grace helps maintain and harvest 2,000 Aronia Berry bushes on her family farm.

SAE Examples

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