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Ava Urbain

2022-23 Reporter 


Ava has been involved in FFA for 2 years and serves as a North Scott FFA Reporter


For Ava's SAE, she did a science fair project that studied how low people could get sugar in ice cream. She put in about 5 hours a week, and she did various research on ice cream, made 5 different kinds of ice cream, had people sample the 5 different kinds, and take a survey. Then she gathered her data and created a presentation with the final information. 

Future Plans

Ava wants to attend college, but is not sure what should would like to major in. 

Fun Facts

  • Her favorite activity is state convention. 

  • Ava's favorite competitions are Dairy cattle judging, horse judging, and conduct of meetings

  • Ava is also involved in 4H, and did a science fair project  

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